Membership benefits

Rights and conditions:

Memberships are made on behalf of the business/company.

A person (designated member), who represents the company:

  • Has the right to one vote
  • Benefit from reduced rates in special programs
  • Receives all correspondence and may participate in committees

The annual payment made by each member includes as a bonus:

  • The right to free use of the members’ virtual room
  • The right to receive and use preferential information free of charge
  • The right to be included in the Annual Directory of Members
  • The right to benefit from free specialized assistance (legal, financial, etc.), offered by the structures of the “Chamber”
  • The right to information and direct assistance to ensure participation in fairs and exhibitions abroad
  • The right to assist in finding suitable commercial partners, offers, markets, etc., both locally and abroad.

All memberships can be cancelled:

  • By writing by the member
  • From the Chamber for non-payment of obligations
  • For non-compliance with Chamber policies

The membership fee is non-refundable.

The membership certificate and booklet are the property of the Chamber of Commerce and are required to be returned if membership is cancelled for any reason.

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce may be cancelled under the conditions set forth in its ordinances.

The chamber may establish communication by e-mail of the organization, by personal e-mail, which informs about urgent business matters, recent announcements and summary reports, important events of the chamber and its programs.

If the member becomes delinquent for more than 30 days, he loses his right to vote and other rights of the member. After that, the member is notified in writing about the violation. If within 10 days after this note the payment has not yet been made, the administrative staff of the Chamber has the right to terminate the membership and all the benefits derived from it.

Any member who wishes to display on his business website that he is a member of the Chamber may do so only with the consent of the Chamber and on a page approved by the Chamber.

Payments are valid for the following calendar year.

The number of employees is re-evaluated annually and increases or decreases based on the number of employees in the membership renewal period.

Membership logos are for use by members only and must be removed from all materials upon membership cancellation for any reason.


For more information, contact:

Tel:  +355 45 800 931
Cell:  +355 695169389