Relations of CCI Tirana with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO)

The Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO -WIFI International), organizes “Professional Training in Entrepreneurship Management” and B2B meetings with Austrian businesses, for partnership opportunities in all areas of business.

The first negotiations and meetings started at the end of 2008. This relationship has been concretized with a bilateral cooperation agreement. It was renewed in December 2014 thanks to the success it has had and the creation of the Albania-Austria Partnership.

The Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry has started the first round of training since February 2009.

So far, 24 rounds of training have been held, with a participation of about 18-20 representatives of Albanian businesses in each round, including a visit to Austria after each training for partnership opportunities with Austrian businesses.

Participants are medium and high-level entrepreneurs, managers who want to improve their knowledge according to international standards.

This project aimed:

  • Professional elevation of high managerial level
  • Cooperation with Austrian companies
  • Exchange of experiences according to the relevant fields they represent (this during the days of stay in Vienna)
  • Increasing the performance of managers in the field of management and communication in national/international business and their marketing experts,  efficient sales, project, export, hotel tourism, finance, etc.

The selected topics are of great interest for the difficult business conditions not only here in Albania, but also throughout the Eurozone. They increase the competitiveness of companies in the market, aiming to increase the performance of managers in the field of management and communication in national/international business, and their marketing experts, efficient sales, project, export, finance.

The Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry has had the honour of realizing this cooperation, bringing the experience of one of the most developed countries in the culture of entrepreneurship, such as Austria, a business country “par excellence” and traditionally known for its managerial skills .

During these rounds of training, the participants were representatives of manager-owner levels of companies in almost all areas of SMEs and large companies, mainly in Tirana, but also in other areas.

This type of partnership, this twinning that has so far been successful for a part of Albanian businesses, which have created the possibility of concluding agreements, have influenced the increase of exports, partnership with Austrian businesses, and the conclusion of contracts in various fields.

This partnership uses various characteristics of cooperation, such as the definition of the common standard for products, the establishment of common technologies for the identification of products and services, the establishment of common electronic markets, the establishment of common centers for data synchronization, etc.

Listed below are Albanian companies that have had success with Austrian businesses, concluding agreements and continuing opportunities for cooperation.

Faberti Trading Group
IRZ sh.p.k.
Stelijan Buzo
Century 21
Lady Albania
Ecology Albania
Miell Tirana
Ales Construction
Big Market
Caterina Firenze
Albanian Stone Zone
Vajra Bimore Sha
Raiffaisen Bank
Tirana Cash & Carry
Jupiteter Computer System
Mobileri Bicaku
Lady Albania

Wash Center
Hotel Lido
Ama Dress
K& T Associeties
Meridian Plus
Prespa Invest.
Qirjazi University
Meridian Plus High School
Europe Agency
SME Albania
Iceberg Communication
Premium ltd
Turgut Ozal Education Albanian Satellite Communications
Seas sh.p.k.
Turgut Ozal Education
Optima Legal
Eco Tour Albaia
ATC Instituti Profesional
Sole Mio
Crown Botique Hotel
Miell Tirana
Erzeni Big Market
Koka sh,p,k,
Universiteti Qirjazi