Nikolin Jaka

Nikolin Jaka is the president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana. He was born on 17th May 1972, in Mirdita. After completing the high school in Rrëshen, Jaka attended the higher studies in the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana. He graduated as a jurist in 1994 and subsequently would carry out several tasks in the state administration, mainly in the General Directorate of Taxes, where he was in charge of the legal matters in the relations “state-entrepreneurship”. During his professional career, he completed several qualifications abroad, which are mainly related to the legislation for the entrepreneurship and the improvement of the trade conditions in doing business in a global economy.

In 1999, he withdrew from the public administration to establish his own private enterprise in the field of construction and public services. In 2006, he held the position of the General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana, meanwhile in 2007 he was appointed the Deputy Minister of Public Works, Transport and Telecommunication. On 24th October 2009, he was elected by the Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana appointing him in the position of the President of this institution, in continuation to the mandate of his predecessor. Mr. Jaka was re-elected in this position through the subsequent election process held in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana in 2011. He continues to carry out this task after the trust and support given to him during the elections of 2015.

The focus of his work as the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana is the lobbing and the protection of the interests of the entrepreneurship in relation to the local and central authority. Additionally, setting the contact points and the progress of the entrepreneurship in relation to the other competitors in Europe and beyond is another essential aspect of his work. The Chamber is part of several international organisms such as: BSEC, ASCAME, Ionian and Adriatic Forum, where the Chairman is a board member having the right to vote.

Mr. Jaka is a member of the National Economic Council, of the National Council of Investments, of the European Integration National Council as well as a member of the Economic Council Tirana. He has been the Chairman of the European Parliamentary Group of the Albanian Entrepreneurs, which is a function related to the provision of the opportunities to Albanian entrepreneurship in its integration to the European economy and to offer its contribution and expertise to the Albanian government in the benefit of an the Public-Private Partnership.