Fairs & Events

Fairs & Events

Annual fairs are important meeting points between business and consumers.

Informing and educating citizens remains a priority of CCIT. Through these common spaces, businesses promote and sell their products, while citizens use the opportunity to benefit from direct contact.

The most important events that take place at different times of the year:

• CCIT Awards
This evening, conceived as a big celebration for all entrepreneurs, partners, associates of CCIT, and organized at the end of January, honours its members with prizes, as an appreciation for business achievements in different sectors during the year.
Businesses from the region also join this activity, as a result of the relationship and cooperation with the counterpart Chambers of north-western Macedonia and Kosovo.

• Work & Study
A journey started since 2010, the “Work and Study” fair has already become a tradition.
Large business companies and private and public educational institutions present during the February-March period the best employment and study offers, the number of which has multiplied progressively year after year.

• Health & Beauty Care
Raising individual and collective awareness is essential. This fair is organized in the month of October and is dedicated to dermocosmetics, beauty and health care.

• Green Fest
The largest agricultural and livestock fair that opens its doors to Albanian farmers, breeders and entrepreneurs. 50 businesses from the consumer products sector and 150 farmers are participating. It takes place at the end of September.

• Children’s fair
Conceived with the motto “Summer Festival of Talents”, this fair was created in 2005 and is a multifunctional platform. It is organized every beginning of June and promotes local and foreign business through the exposure and sale of their products, as well as promotes the development of entrepreneurial capacities in children and the inclusive community.

• Expo-Medical.al
Numerous companies operating in the field of medicine, health and pharmaceuticals in the country and abroad come together to prove that the ways to live a life as healthy as possible are based on a good health culture.