CCIT Awards is now a tradition of the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry

CCIT Awards tashmë një traditë e Dhomës së Tregtisë dhe Industrisë Tiranë

CCIT Awards is now a tradition of the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry

An evening conceived as a big party for all entrepreneurs, partners, and associates of the Chamber of Tirana, where the elements of a dedicated show were not missing, was broadcast live on Albanian media such as RTSH 24 and TOP NEWS and will be rebroadcast in full also, on the T7 channel in Kosovo and Macedonian media.

As in every anniversary, this time in the 126th year of its creation, the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry celebrates by distributing awards to its members, to appreciate the business achievements for the past year in various fields.

A Gala evening that also brings together businesses from the region, receiving well-deserved recognition as a result of the relationship and cooperation with the counterpart Chambers of North-West Macedonia and Kosovo.

Well-known personalities from Politics, Diplomacy, Universities, Media, Business, and Presidents of Chambers of Commerce from Albania and the region, of Kosovo and Macedonia honored us with their participation this evening.

During the evening, 26 enterprises from different sectors from Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo were evaluated.


Price categories:

  1. Employer of the Year,
  2. Award of Excellence,
  3. Technology-Innovation Award,
  4. Price of Quality and Standard in Product
  5. Leader in the Construction and Design Industry
  6. Exporter of the Year
  7. Best Consulting Company,
  8. Leader Company in the Photovoltaic Sector
  9. Investment of the year in Laboratory Medicine
  10. “Green” award
  11. “Beauty” award
  12. Tendency Award
  13. Application of the Year
  14. Standard Ce
  15. Hotel Enterprise of the Year
  16. Distribution Sales Record
  17. Color of the Year
  18. Leader in the field of service
  19. Authentic taste on Albanian tables
  20. Quality and Standard Designers of Thermal Insulation Blocks
  21. Success Stories in Emigration
  22. Leading company in the trading of Marble and Granite
  23. Best Customer Experience Company
  24. Better brand development
  25. Made in Albania
  26. Leader in Urban Transport

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