Services Provided by the Registry & Consular Services

The Registry and Consular Services Office at the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers:

  • Basic business registration services in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Preparation and dissemination of information requested by interested parties regarding the member companies of the Chamber,
  • Equipping businesses with a membership certificate,
  • Performs the consular service with verbal grades equipment
  • Issues certificates of origin of products for export.

Business Registration

At this office, businesses find complete information about the necessary documentation to join, as well as information on the advantages offered to each entity after becoming a member of the Chamber.

Information provided by this office:

  • Data on the start of the activity of various entities, statistics on the percentage of different forms of companies and other entities; LLCs, JSCs and natural persons members, data on the percentage of domestic, foreign or jointly member companies, etc.
  • Data on profiles by sectors (trade, transport, construction, manufacturing, services, etc.) of countries with which they work and have business partnerships, data on potential contacts, etc. This information is valuable enough to support member firms in establishing new partnerships with countries in the region and beyond, in response to occasional requests.


Tel:+355 45 800 931
Cel:+355 695169389