Workshop on Increasing Entrepreneurship-Education Engagement

Workshop on Increasing Entrepreneurship-Education Engagement

In the framework of the “Engagement” project, the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized a workshop on June 28, 2024, focused on identifying and addressing the challenges hindering effective entrepreneurship-education engagement in Albania.

This dynamic and fruitful event brought together representatives from the business community, the Ministry of Economy, Culture, and Innovation, the Ministry of Education, Albanian, Montenegrin, and Italian companies demonstrating their experience in this field, students, and more.

Key discussion points included:

  • Strengthening development units and expanding at the regional level to foster cooperation between the private sector and educational institutions.
  • Providing professional practice opportunities for students within enterprises.
  • Developing initiatives that promote the inclusiveness of professional education as an imperative need.

Participants shared their impressions and comments on the topics addressed, and they also raised recommendations and proposals for improving the curricula applied in professional education and their alignment with the labor market.

To prepare skilled professionals for the labor market, the application of dual education is an initiative that should be supported. This system aims to create a qualified workforce that meets today’s business needs.

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