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Njoftim për shtyp

Press release

Dissemination event on topic “For Women in Business”

5 June 2019 – Tirana

The first Women Business Forum kicked off at Tirana International Hotel organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana (CCIT), the event brought together more than 100 business women from Tirana of different economic sectors, being the voice of the business women and inspiring for young entrepreneurs.

The Project’s Department staff of the Chamber joined the event with a dedicated stand space for the projects, to promote and present them as the road to a deeper and stronger co‐operation and the network.

Of special interest for such event was BIOECO – R.D.I project which comes to the support of all entrepreneurs, in this case attention dedicated to women who contribute with their economic activity in the field of bioeconomy. The project aims to help businesses to create innovative products of bio-based giving solution for the management of residues by generating benefits.

To disseminate the project, promotional materials were used and face to face meetings were held. To visit the stand were participants of the Women Business Forum and high-level representatives from the government bodies, VIP companies operating in Albania, Universities, media etc. Mrs. Elida Boshnjaku, project coordinator of BIOECO-R.D.I conducted personalized meetings with interested business women to know about the project. She made awareness about the project, presented to the participants BIOECO-R.D.I services they could benefit such as information, support, advice and contacts. Also common interests of cooperation were identified.

This forum was a great opportunity for women to network, present their experiences, challenges faced and ways of overcoming, motivate each other and showcase their businesses as best business models and be an inspiration to one another. They could look also for the possibility of establishing partnership in order to enhance their entrepreneurial capacities and also promote business opportunities for startups.

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