It is held for three days at the Palace of Congress, Expo-Medical, where more than 60 companies brought the best health offer.

The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, Mr. Nikolin Jaka in a press release on October 30, 2019, emphasized one of the most important events of Chamber, Expo-Medical. According to Jaka the second edition of Expo-Medical, comes as a market need to bring what people really need: fast and free healthcare. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana and the Ministry of Health and Social Protection as organizers of this important event brought an important appeal for its development: ways to live a healthier life rely on a better health culture.

This event will cover a wide spectrum, starting with healthcare, how these healthcare should be reflected and up to the appropriate guidance provided by specialists and experts who will be present, both with equipment and the most advanced methods of today’s science and technology.

“CCI Expo” fair has a strong point the raising of awareness and enhancing the quality of healthcare, which translates into better patient outcomes, with a focus on the patient.

It is an ideal platform for all institutions, organizations and entities to promote their products and services and encourage continuous improvement in health outcomes.

-The purpose of organizing this fair

To bring together all health sector and healthcare stakeholders to testify together that the ways to live a healthier life are based on a better health culture.

-To reflect on the health care that needs to be shown to the patient and the guidance that will be given by the specialist talking about the most advanced methods of science and technology.

-Full coordination of institutions and coordination in the immediate solution of the situations.

-Meeting with different specialists and getting in touch to improve the work.

-Presentation of products and services and meeting with potential clients.

-New investment opportunities not only in the country but also in the region.

-Create a network with companies that share the same interest.