Training “Value Added Tax in the Republic of Albania VAT”, 16-17 September

Training “Value Added Tax in the Republic of Albania VAT”, 16-17 September


Implementation of the Law on VAT in the framework of Fiscalization. Their direct connection between Fiscalization and VAT. Implementation in practice related to the problems that businesses most often encounter in their activity.

Program Description

The program will be based on law no. 92/2014, dated 24.07.2014 on Value Added Tax in the Republic of Albania amended

Who are the beneficiaries

Legal and natural persons who are taxpayers of profit tax, in accordance with the law “On income tax

Legal and natural persons who are taxpayers of the simplified profit tax for small businesses, in accordance with the law “On the local tax system”

Legal and natural persons, regardless of their organizational form, including NGOs, project implementation units, central and local public bodies, political organizations and other similar bodies, who carry out economic activities in accordance with the law “On value tax added to the Republic of Albania ”

Any legal or natural person, resident or non-resident, regardless of organizational form, when delivering goods or services to public bodies

Non-resident legal and natural persons subject to taxes in the Republic of Albania, alone or through a tax representative


Implement legislation through the discussion of concrete cases in practice

Trainer: Arben Hasani


Arben Hasani has a consolidated experience of tax legislation in Albania, interpretation of fiscal laws and VAT, an advisor to domestic and foreign clients.

Head of VAT in the General Directorate of Taxes.

He has also been involved in various projects by providing fiscal consultancy on issues related to corporate taxes, tax procedures, VAT, other direct and indirect taxes

Has experience in Trainings since 2017, in the field of Trainings related to legal changes in the regional directorate.

He has also conducted many Trainings with Private Studio Parid.

It has also provided accounting and tax consulting services as well as full support to various companies during VAT refund procedures, tax audits and litigation.


The fee for this course will be 60 Euros

Application Deadline

The application deadline is 14.09.2017


Date 16-17 September

Hours: 16: 00-19: 00


Info (For those who do not have the opportunity in these schedules, we can organize it during the day)


The training will take place at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tirana.


Depending on your requirements, the training will be organized physically and online.



Ajsela TELI

Training Manager

Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tirana

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