Our history on IP protection

Founded in Tirana in 1897, Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Tirana is currently leading the way in the field of Intellectual Property. The first national and international trademarks, and patents of inventions are issued by CCI Tirana.

Than on late 1992, from our database was created the General Directorate of Intellectual Property, actually on force, under the National Business Center jurisdiction.

Throughout the years, we have gained the experience that has made us what we are today: the oldest private intellectual property institution in Albania, and one of the largest in Europe, with expertise in the protection of patents of inventions, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights.

High-quality, customized and global service.

Beginning over 120 years ago as a simple chamber of commerce, we are now a large pan-European institution currently having partners in 15 European cities in 15 countries: Turin, Milan, Rome, Switzerland, Spain, France,  Germany, Japan, China, USA.

The patent and trademark market is global and requires a network of qualified correspondents around the world . We strive to provide you with the broadest possible protection of your IP rights – from the initial conception to defending and asserting your IP rights in Court.

Over the years we have managed over patents and trademarks, for more than 1000 clients of every size, sector and geographic area: an extraordinary history that allows us to state with confidence that we have experience with virtually every type of IP issue that may arise.

Your patent and trademark portfolio is just a click away

With a focus on our own technological innovations, we provide our clients with, secure and independent, one-click connection to their patent and trademark portfolios.

According the new IP law, the IP portfolio is an financial asset that you can use in bank credits, as a value of your amount of business.

Our clients are in good company

More than half of the top 50 Albanian and global brands have entrusted us with the protection and enforcement of their IP portfolios.

We do not limit ourselves, however, to large, multi-national companies. If you need to register your company logo or patent a product in Albania, Balkan countries, Europe or internationally, do not hesitate to contact us for a free, no obligation quote.


Those who invest in creativity, innovation and research know the risks arising from the trade in counterfeit goods, one of the biggest problems industries face. Each year, companies lose hundreds of millions of Euros and thousands of jobs because of counterfeiting activities worldwide.

Reacting only on a case-by-case basis is incomplete and wastes resources but, more importantly, it does not address the issue at its root. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana has developed surveillance procedures through targeted measures directed at countries most likely to engage in counterfeiting activities in particular industries.

To implement our anti-counterfeiting procedures in countries such as China, we offer a range of options for our clients. Our team will establish the proper strategy designed for the identification and traceability of the original products, which is crucial in the fight against counterfeiting.

Protection against counterfeiting

Several effective tools are at our disposal, including out-of-court cease and desist orders (notification to the counterfeiter) and precautionary measures to stop counterfeiters before the start of proceedings on the merits. A proper civil or criminal legal action follows to obtain compensation for damages. We also can use customs to block the entrance of counterfeit goods into the EU.

We will advise you on the best way to proceed in order to protect your innovative ideas at a reasonable cost. Our professionals are ready and able to provide value to your ideas by obtaining the appropriate IP protection for you.

Ph Candidate

Albana Laknori

Albanian & European IP Attorney