The tenth 1st of June fair, organized by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, will open the doors on 31st of May, 2018 for three days in ‘Pedonale’ area, and those children who have a dream or talent will perform on stage.

The Children’s Summer Festival, which will be held by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana in cooperation with the Municipality of Tirana, will bring for the first time a completely different atmosphere for the children of the capital city.

The president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, Mr. Nikolin Jaka at a press conference attended by members of jury and representatives of the municipality emphasized the role of this activity, saying that this event allows the children of public schools to perform on stage and show their talents. “It is an event that takes place for the pleasure of children who are also the future of this country. I am convinced that they give us the hope that we want and work harder for this country, “said Jaka.

A committee composed of 3 members of art, will also evaluate all the children who will call attention in cultural activities such as, painting, music, dance, or instrument.

Robert Radoja, a member of the commission who has dedicated more than a quarter of his life to the children, praised the organization of this fair because, as he said, “is thought of a group of children who have not chosen art as a profession, but have a hobby to create a beautiful dream “.

And this contribution to create this thing so valuable for children, added Rado, instructs them to create beautiful images, beautiful thoughts and dreams without a doubt.

“Among all these children it can happen as it has always happened that casually emerge people who become famous in their choice of life,” he said.

While the other member of the jury, Suzana Turku, considered this project valuable for the education of the younger generation of Tirana, who are the children.

“Every activity that is done for children should be appreciated by everyone and I invite all citizens of Tirana to become part of this activity, which will undoubtedly be Tirana’s Feast during the three nights that will take place,” stated Turku .

According to her, this event will not be a competition, but feast days for Tirana where children coming from public schools will perform, so they are amateurs who love art, they are children who do not play in their free time, but they learn an instrument, or sing, dance or even draw.

The Deputy Mayor of Tirana, Abaz Hado, at the same time, the member of the jury pointed out that this joint initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of Tirana coincides with the policies we have for the children.

He added, that this is just part of an opportunity that on 1st of June children will not only enjoy but also have the opportunity to win a prize, to have a beautiful memory from this day.

The Culture Director of the Municipality of Tirana, Juli Dhamo stressed out that “There are many awards for the winners because we want to stimulate those who are not professionals but who have the desire and the talent within themselves by offering a stage where they perform “.

The Talent Summer Festival has gathered many children of different ages. At the application phase that ended on 28th of May, we had more than 100 requests to become part of this event in various disciplines. So are the companies participating in this fair that will bring a lot of fun for children and appreciation for them. The pedestrian area for three days will be a place dedicated to children to show their talent.

The winner of the Festival will have the opportunity to travel to Disneyland.



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