The Assembly, in its last meeting, approves the rules and procedures for the election of the new Assembly, which are drafted and proposed by the Presidency.

Article 7

The Assembly’s Competences

The Assembly defines the main directions of the Chamber’s activity and also controls and issues the respective acts, provided for in the law and this Statute.

The Assembly, in particular, has these competences:

  1. Reviews and defines the main directions of the Chamber’sactivity.
  2. Approves the statute with its amendments and forwards them for approval by the responsible trademinister.
  3. Elects from the members, through special secret polls, the presidency, the Chamber’s president, the Chamber’s representatives in the Union of Chambers’ Assembly,aswellasthemembersoftheauditingcommission.
  4. Defines the remuneration policies and procedures for the Chamber’s presidentand

the auditing commission.

  • Approves the Chamber’ s annual budgetprogram.
  • Inspects and approves the annual report of the Chamber’s general and financial activities.
  • Approves the annual membership feesize.
  • ApprovesdifferentactsforproperfunctioningandorganizationoftheChamber.

Article 8 Assembly’s Functioning

The Assembly’s meetings can be usual and unusual.

The Assembly is gathered to a usual meeting at least once a year, during March, for the approval of the draft budget and the coming year program.

The meeting is summoned by the president, with the request of the Chamber’s presidency, which defines also the agenda of the meeting of the assembly. If the president,within15daysfromthereceptionofrequest,failstoconvenetheassembly, then the Chamber’s presidency has the right to summon the assembly itself, by announcing the date, time, place and the agenda of the meeting. The delivery of the materialsand thenotificationforthemeetingdateisdoneatleastoneweekbeforethe scheduled date. This notification, including the meeting information materials, could also be done in an electronic way through internet, at the Chamber’s official website. The meeting of the representative assembly is chaired by the President of the Chamber.

The assembly is gathered to an unusual meeting with the president’s and/or presidency’ s request, or that of 1/3 of its members. The unusual meeting agenda is developed by the request party.

If the president, within 15 days from the reception of the request of the above defined entities, fails to gather the assembly, then the requesting party has the right to summon the assembly itself, by announcing the date, time, place and the meeting agenda.