SCOPE 3rd project meeting

Takimi i 3të i projektit SCOPE.

SCOPE 3rd project meeting

On 31st March 2021, Interreg BALKAN-MED “SCOPE” project organized the 3rd project meeting virtually.

The consortium consists of 8 members from Albania, Bulgaria and Greece.

Participants per Organization


N/N Name Organization Country Mailing List
1 Afroditi Anagnostopoulou CERTH / HIT Greece
2 Ioanna Pappa
3 Attila Akac
4 Nastjana Dedo CCIT Albania
5 Stefan Kostadinov BCCI Bulgaria
6 Natalia Dicheva
7 Iliya Godev SmCCI
8 Ivo Tsarev RIA Smolyan
9 Majlinda Lila MIE Albania
10 Pervin Pasholli
11 Paulos Kazantzidis PCTh Greece
12 Vasiliki Ampasi AUTh
13 Pavlina Lazaridou
14 Evangelos Genitsaris
15 Dimitris Nalmpantis
16 Petros Pallis APOPSIS SA
17 Giorgos Voulkas


Dr. Afroditi Anagnostopoulou started the meeting and welcomed the participants. APOPSIS SA as an external responsible for the development of SCOPE platform introduced themselves and presented the alpha version of the platform. Below there is a description of the SCOPE platform demonstration. Technical user-guides will be prepared and be publicly available during the SCOPE platform beta version release.

  1. Presentation: SCOPE platform alpha version demonstration

Mr. George Voulkas from APOPSIS SA presented the features of the SCOPE freight exchange platform. The platform will be found (once released) in the main SCOPE project webpage, under “Platform” section. Two main categories can register (transporter, shipper) in the platform and will be available to see, post and select any bid or offer they want on national and transnational level. Registration process is explained for both user groups and the features for each category are presented in the following order: (i) shippers, (ii) transporters and (iii) admins.

  1. Presentation: Technical implementation of ongoing WPs

Dr. Afroditi Anagnostopoulou gave a detailed presentation about the project achievements for each Work Package and future actions planned. Furthermore, the Work Packages’ (WPs) achievements were presented in more detail.

  1. Presentation: Financial & Administrative issues

Ms. Ioanna Pappa presented all ongoing financial & administrative issues that need to be tackled and highlighted latest developments in this context.

  1. Next Steps & Closure

SCOPE partners discussed the next steps which are summarized below:

  • All partners requested to test the features of SCOPE platform alpha version.
  • Remaining procurement actions to be finalized as soon as possible.
  • Next online meeting will be held at GoToMeeting platform and proposed time will be decided via e-mail communication in the upcoming days.

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