DynaMob 2.0


Mobility is moving around for needs and other such as exploration, leisure and recreation.

It helps to create an attractive environment for citizens and tourists by adapting efficient technologies and improvements in infrastructure.

In this context, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana in the framework of the Programme area (Italy-Albania-Montenegro), is implementing Dynamic MOBILITization 2.0 (#DynaMob 2.0) project, to promote the use of environmentally friendly forms of transport. Such project is focused on electric bike sharing  and car sharing and public infrastructures improvement (points for electric supply vehicles) in the territory of municipality area. It will contribute also toward network promotion between municipalities and public administrations for policies peer-review  and increase of citizens’ awareness about sustainable, dynamic, smart and green mobility.

In the framework of the project, the recent activity held was the Workshop on Sustainable and Smart Mobility held on 27th of December 2018 in the meeting room at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, bringing together various actors with shared interests in mobility and transport and related topics such as representatives from the Municipality of Tirana (transport bodies, tourism bodies, projects session), cycling associations, end-users etc. The aim of the workshop was to present the project, best practices, and exchange ideas and receive suggestions/recommendations for successful implementation of the project on boosting sustainable mobility.

Keynote speakers were CCIT project staff, representatives from municipality, who shared relevant experiences undertaken in Tirana (mobility projects, bike shares system, traffic control and management, infrastructure conditions etc.). In addition to the presentation of keynote speakers, the workshop featured also Q&A from participants, exchange of opinions and suggestions/recommendations on possible actions in the framework of project implementation.

Visions and expectations were shared and policy recommendations related to mobility solutions, for impacting and fostering smart and dynamic mobility were given.

Available here in link are:

Interested persons on the project can contact the Project Coordinator Ms. Elida Boshnjaku:

We will be available online about any update and development in the framework of the project.

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