Press Release: Project FUTURE 4.0

Njoftim për Shtyp: Projekti FUTURE 4.0

Press Release: Project FUTURE 4.0

On 29 May 2020, it was held the Zoom meeting, on the topic “Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing” that was co-organized by Auleda – Local Economic Development Agency Vlore in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana. This meeting was part of the Local Action Plan implementation of FUTURE 4.0 project and it was addressed to SMEs in the nautical sector. To attend the meeting except for SMEs were CCIT project staff and also representatives of port authorities as well as of sectoral agencies.

The commencement of the meeting was made by the co-organizers Mrs. Mirela Koci – Executive Director of Auleda and Mrs. Viola Xhindi – Director of Projects Department of CCIT.

After greetings, Mrs. Koci followed the meeting with a brief presentation on the platform designed in the framework of FUTURE 4.0 project, by emphasizing its importance in use because of the wide range of information it provides on KETs through dedicated learning modules.

Special space and focus was given to the KET “Advanced Manufacturing” presented by the professor of Faculty of Technical Science of Vlora University Mr. Blenard Xhaferaj who designed the module. He explained the main concepts of industry 4.0 and advanced manufacturing, categories of manufacturing CAD, CAM, CAE and their advantages, basis of computer applications, principles and driving factors of industry 4.0, digitalization of products etc. During the presentation he also gave examples of applying the module lessons.

After the presentations, SMEs gave their feedback and evaluated positively this learning initiative of the project. They gave suggestions by considering their difficulties and challenges in their daily work in the nautical sector. Exchange of opinions and remarks characterized the closure of the meeting.

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