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Dissemination event – 16 August 2019

Dardhe, Korçe

From 16 to 18 August 2019, Agroinnoeco project staff composed by the Head of Project Department Mrs. Viola Xhindi, Project manager Mr. Arbi Hoxha and Technical staff Ms. Elida Boshnjaku participated to the 3 following activities:

Dardha Fest: 16 August 2019 in Dardha, Korçe

Beer Fest: 17 August in KorçaField visit at the Incubator of Local Products: 18 August in Benje, Permet.

Agroinnoeco project staff visited Dardha Fest, organized on 16th of August 2019 in the centre of touristic village Dardha in Korça. Dardha fest presented and promoted the local bio products of the area (mainly pies including the very known pie “Lakrori”, fruit juices, grappa, local honey etc), prepared by the local community, products of local businesses and those prepared by the association “Shpresa”.

In such festive day, private houses across the village, villas, hotels and bars as well opened doors and hosted a lot of visitors  serving them the typical local delicacies, grappa of wild plums known as “rakia e kumbulles” etc. Thus local and foreign visitors who visited the area in this day event, had the chance to taste typical food and drinks and got engaged in the activities.

For CCIT, such event was a good opportunity to promote the project to the local community, local businesses and visitors by presenting to them the innovative ideas reached by the project in the framework of Agroinnoeco contest. Interest on the project was shown from reached people and new stakeholders as well.

Of special interest was meeting the organizer of the event that was the representative of “Shpresa” Association too, Mr. Niko Nalli, who is one of the fanatics that works hard to promote and preserve the values and tradition of Dardha village.   He presented the role and function of the association and expressed interest on the activity of the Project Department of CCIT. At the end of the meeting, it was mutual interest to look for possibilities of cooperation with the Association.

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