Press release, 2nd workshop Dynamob 2.0

Dynamob 2.0, workshop i 2-te

Press release, 2nd workshop Dynamob 2.0

In the framework of the project, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana (CCIT) organized in its premises on 30th of May 2019, the Second Workshop of #DynaMob 2.0 project.

This workshop on topic “Integration of bike-share system and eco-charging point” for a Smart Tirana, gathered various actors with shared interests in mobility and transport such as representatives from transport bodies, tourism bodies, projects session from the Municipality of Tirana, experts of field, end-users etc.

The aim of the activity was to present the project implementation till now, places considered for for bike-sharing system and eco-charging point in order to receive feedback from participants.

Mrs. Viola Xhindi, Head of the Project Department of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana, welcomed the participants and highlighted the commitment of the Chamber through #DynaMob 2.0 project and the Municipality of Tirana as well which has the role of Associated Partner, for the sustainable mobility.

Subsequently, Ms. Elida Boshnjaku, the coordinator of the project presented briefly the phase actually the project is and the places proposed to set the stations for bike-sharing system and eco-charging point. Ms. Boshnjaku envisaged that the stations will provide a reliable network and will be designated and located in areas that can be used easily and conveniently such as:

Bike-sharing stations near attractions that offer pleasing rides:

  • 1 station at the lake
  • 1 station in Mamica which is situated in Petrele

Eco-charging station a point of interest:

  • to be set considered for the parking area at Pazari i Ri area (such space is under the supervision of the Municipality of Tirana).

After the presentation of Mrs. Boshnjaku, the workshop featured active discussion from the participants who expressed their opinion and gave interesting suggestions and recommendations. Issues discussed were:

  • the station locations and size, including the number of bikes that will be available.
  • other options for locations.
  • the responsibility for the management and maintenance of bike-sharing system and eco-charging point and options of contracting structure: privately owned and operated or publicly owned and privately operated.
  • surveys to be conducted in cooperation with the municipality at the stations; to see where people are going and if they would use a bike to get to the destination.
  • protection again theft and vandalism etc.

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