PRESS RELEASE 29-30 October 2019 The second Joint meeting, HISTEK High Specialized Technicians in KET-s PROJECT

NJOFTIM PER SHTYP Zhvillohet takimi i përbashkët të partnerëve të projektit HISTEK -Teknik e Lartë e Specializuar sipas KETs (Teknologji Kyce të Aftësimit)

PRESS RELEASE 29-30 October 2019 The second Joint meeting, HISTEK High Specialized Technicians in KET-s PROJECT

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana attented on the joint meeting of partners in the framework of HISTEK Project High Specialized Technicians in KET-s. The HISTEK project is funded by the INTERREG IPA CBC ITALY-ALBANIA MONTENEGRO Program funded by European Union.

The two-day meeting took place in Durres. This meeting was attended by representatives of the lead  partner as well as other project partners respectively; LP-Minsitry of Education, Montenegro, Chamber of Economy of Montenegro, PKCG- FOUNDATION ITS “ANTONIO CUCCOVILLO”,ITS CUCCOVILLO- Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Artisanship and Agriculture of Bari, CCIAA Bari-  Faculty of Business, University “Aleksandër Moisiu”, Durres, Albania, UAMD -Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tirana CCIT and Supporting Partner- Ministry of Education, Italy.

The meeting was held according to the agenda approved by all project partners.

The first day of October 29, was held a Steering Committee Meeting under the project. The organizers of the University “Aleksandër Moisiu”, Durres held the welcoming speech where they thanked the participants and appriciated the cooperation approach  among the partners. One special space on the ageda has been discusstion about some important issues such as:  Technical Reports, Procurements Plan, Deadline of the project, Changes of the budget and Next Steering Committee.

The second day October 30 During this day the agenda was designed based on the more detailed discussions about the progress of project implementation. Representatives of the respective partners presented and discussed on the project’ progress for each partner and the situation of implementation for each project work packages. At the end of the meeting it was decided to plan the next meeting.

During this day has discussed the modality regarding creation of a dedicated cluster SMEs/Training Institutions/Public Institutions belonging to the three countries for supporting, with a strong commitment, a networked innovation community able to improve, with common pilot actions, the process of developing the skills of young people of the three territories, favoring the free market of labor and the real and sustainable competitiveness of CB SMEs. In the last part of the second day they were treated difficulties and work plan for the next period (P5) of the project. At the end of the meeting, it was planned the next meeting.

The main objectives of the HISTEK project is to provide an effective and sustainable response to SMEs in terms of innovation challenges against the economic crisis.

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