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Press Release

Workshop on Sectorial Bio-­‐economy

25 January 2019, Tirana

A Workshop on the topic “Sectorial Bioeconomy” was organized within the project “BIO-ECOnomy Research Driven Innovation” by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana (CCIT), and addressed to enterprises operating in the sectors of olive oil production, wood processing and poultry farming, being important contributing to biomass potential.

The workshop was held in the meeting room of the Chamber on January 25th, 2019 bringing together enterprises, representatives from the ministries, national and local authorities NGOs and researchers, experts of the field as well as project staff.

The workshop was moderated by Mrs. Viola Xhindi, Head of Project Department, and Ms. Elida Boshnjaku, Project Manager, and the experts of the bioeconomy regional strategy design.

The workshop was organized to:

  • present and discuss about the importance and impact of bioeconomy, taking into consideration sectorial potential in the region of Albania and chances for the bioeconomy development, awaring on innovative opportunities of entrepreneurship, and concrete good examples/practices of other regions.
  • stimulate feedback and discussion among participants on challenges and opportunities on investment, bringing innovation to the market.

During the workshop it was held a lively discussion. Participants presented their cases and problems they daily face in their economic activity with residues and waste management mentioning also financial obstacles. On the other hand, they presented some concrete solution ideas and confirmed that bio-based products can offer significant new opportunities for the region.

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