Partnership Agreement between Croatian company HUKI and LDA from Albania.

Marrëveshje bashkëpunimi ndërmjet kompanisë Kroate HUKI dhe asaj Shqiptare LDA

Partnership Agreement between Croatian company HUKI and LDA from Albania.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana in the framework of  EEN project provides free services to business of a  specific category of services, which are considered basic ones.

These services cover all economic sectors, especially those that require international markets to grow and to be consolidated.

Service range includes providing business information, as for legislation, EU standards, programs and funding opportunities, individual services for companies to help them find new markets, access to finance, intellectual property protection, and event organization such as trainings, seminars, workshops, etc., with different topics in the interest of the business.

Also, EEN project offers opportunities to establish partnerships with businesses in other EU countries, through the organization of missions / business forums, such as preparation of requests / offers of Albanian companies for products, services, technology, innovation  development or even scientific research.

Given that the main aim of this project is to assist the businesses to exploit the opportunities of doing business in the single market of the EU, CCIT invites all the entrepreneurs to contact us and take advantage of the services offered.

Partnership services are considered as one of the most important services that the EEN project can provide for Albanian businesses.

The purpose of the partnership process is to facilitate Albanian companies to enter into long-term cooperation agreements with companies from European/Regions countries and beyond.

In February 2021, was realized the first Partnership Agreement for 2021.

Based on our communications and following with maximum commitment any expression of interest for our companies that are already part of EEN, CCIT  expectes to realize other PAs.

The other partner of this PA, is the Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation (HUKI) which is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting entrepreneurial culture and education about creative and innovative approaches to solving real-world challenges in local communities.

Through its large portfolio of workshops, specialized education, conferences and seminars HUKI offers non-formal education with main focus on topics related to entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.

Within these activities, they aim to promote entrepreneurial skills in society and consequently change the way of thinking.

The Albanian partner, part of the EEN platform from CCIT is LDA, Leadership Development Association which is a non-profit organization led by Albanian youth.

According to the Partnership agreement signed by those two parties, HUKI enables the exclusive right of LDA Albania to organize LEAP conferences in Tirana, Prishtina and Presevo.

Also from the contract, HUKI knowledge is available to the Albanian partner.

The conferences will be held in 2021.

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