Jaka: The cooperation with Trento, a good opportunity for our business

Jaka: Bashkëpunimi me zonën e Trentos, një mundësi e mirë për biznesin tonë

Jaka: The cooperation with Trento, a good opportunity for our business

On February 7 and 8, was organised an official visit of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana in the province of Trento, organised by the “Trentino con i Balcani” organisation, with office in Tirana.

The members of Tirana delegation were President of Chamber Nikolin Jaka, Coordinator of “Trentino con i Balcani” office in Tirana Luigji Gjergji, President of  “Qiriazi” university Pjerin Fushaj.

The meetings culminated in the Office of President in the province of Trento, with the Minister of Economy, Research and Labour mr. Achille Spinelli, where were discussed the work and cooperation routes that could be developed between the two countries: tourism co-marketing, cooperation and co-financing in the field of energy, agriculture and the environment, creation and support of bilateral private enterprises, recognition and marketing of food products and wines, of the two respective countries. Another field of cooperation is vocational training in Hotel-Tourism and Health and Social Services profiles, in cooperation with “Qiriazi” University and with the “Shën Jozefi punëtor” Professional High School in Rrëshen.

 “We are grateful for your visit in Trentino’’, said Mr. Spinelli, while making an overview of the importance and productivity of the Trentin economic system, by highlihting these priority areas of immediate cooperation, in continuation of growth that Albania should make in its path towards European Union.

 “I wish and believe that these tracks of cooperation will be moved forward, “added Mr. Spinelli, aiming at the internationalization of the enterprises, products of our territories, and this visit officially opens the fruitful cooperation between the two countries. “

President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, Jaka appreciated the strict and sustainable Trentin system for the territorial economic development and provided institutional support as Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana for cooperations in the mentioned fields and various strategic sectors that could be implemented in the near future in Albania.

As well Jaka formalized his invitation to Mr. Spinelli and various bodies of Trentos Province and the trentin system, for Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Trento, for a near formal visit to Albania and to actualize the first steps that will be taken between the parties.

During the day were held meetings at the Family Agency in the Province of Trento with Mr. Luciano Malfer. This Agency is advancing with the practice with the Municipality of Tirana to join the European Municipal Organization “Family & Friendly”, so that the Municipality of Tirana will be a pilot municipality for the growth of family and social well-being. This “family & friendly” system in Trento has made it possible for 90% of households to receive services from the Municipalities and Communes in the Territory as “Family Friends”.

As well, were held meetings with the Chamber of Commerce of Trento, with Trento Confindustria, through its representative Mrs. Monica Vidi, Patrizia Tomio University of Trento, with various private Trentino companies looking to invest directly or with European funding in Albania.

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