Jaka: Our economy should be complimentary if we want to be part of the global market

Jaka: Ekonomia jonë duhet të jetë komplementare nëse duam të jemi pjesë e tregut global

Jaka: Our economy should be complimentary if we want to be part of the global market

The president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, Mr. Nikolin Jaka meets with the Ambassador  of the Republic of North Macedonia in Albania, Mr. Dancho Markovski

The president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, mr.Nikolin Jaka meets with the Ambassador  of the Republic of North Macedonia on March 5. The opportunities of building economic cooperation between our two countires, were the main part where the meeting between the two parties was focused.

Mr Dancho Markovski by thanking for the opportunity of this meeting said that “ the economic cooperation between our countries should be in other levels”, because according to him “the economic relations are not in the same level with the political realtions”. Considering that Albania is the sixth country where mr.Markovski is ambassador, expressed to mr.Jaka the pleasure of sharing his experience thus to intensify more the relations of common interest. For this purpose he asked the support of our institution in organizing a Economic Forum between our countries. 

The president of Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana, mr Nikolin Jaka by thanking the ambassador for his presence in Albania and convinced that the experiences gained from him will serve for building a new communication standard, said that “the economic relation is a product of the political relations, particularly in border countries, because if we appreciate an excellent political, but not economic relation, this should be noted to became aware that something is not going properly. 

In the quality of CCIT chairman but even entrepreneurship that this institution represents, Jaka in his word said that between two countries there are a lot of communication spaces and few obstacles for which the desire and good will is sufficient to solve them. He stated that he has a very good relation with the Chaimen of Chambers in Macedonia and emphasizes that there exists a good network between them.

An indicator of good relations between the two countries and re-emphasized in the meeting is also the meeting held in February in Macedonia with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, where more than 45 members of the Chamber’s business were part of this meeting, interested directly both in terms of investment and trade exchanges.

Mr. Jaka expressed his appreciation for the welcome speech of the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia and his invitation to increase trade exchanges and further cooperation.

Empasizing that:

•           Establishing Republic of North Macedonia,

•           use of Albanian Language

“There are two key indicators that create a stability that is also the most important thing an entrepreneur considers before investing in a country especially in a development process.” Recognizing the fact that the global economy is very aggressive, Jaka said that “Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia (which are an indivisible triangle), as perform as separate countries will soon be dissolved, and if we perform with a complementary economy then we will be dignified entrepreneurs “.

Proposals that mr. Jaka expressed in the meeting, proposals that he had previously presented in the meeting with the Prime Minister Zaev.

  1. Scanning factors to perform a complementary platform
  2. Removing the physical border, declaring the customs cargo by avoiding the physical ban
  3. Recognition of phytosanitary certificates for products of origin and without animal origin

He also proposed to have a planning of production and investments so that there is no collision. During his speech stressed that a healthy economy is based on profitability but there is no profitability without planning. He therefore suggested setting up joint working groups to make a safe strategy and with the right steps without an accelerated approach with a clear destination. “Something very positive would be the merger of road and rail segments to lower the cost of transport goods,” said Jaka. Expressing his agreement to what was said above, Mr. Dancho expressed his cooperative stance and announced that ONE STOP SHOP will open in Qafshtama on April 1, 2019.

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