Jaka: How can we cooperate between our enterprises and the solutions that are provided

Jaka: Si mund të bashkëpunohet mes sipërmarrjeve tona dhe zgjidhjet që afrohen

Jaka: How can we cooperate between our enterprises and the solutions that are provided

The meeting of the Albanian enterprise with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia takes place in Skopje.

Entrepreneurs, members of the  Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, held a meeting on February 18, 2019 with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Mr. Zoran Zaev and his government cabinet. More than 40 representatives of Albanian companies were part of this meeting held in Skopje, the first of its kind after the new name of Macedonia.

The direct interest of Albanian companies, issues, or ways of cooperation were the main topics of the meeting for which the Prime Minister of the Republic of Northern Macedonia responded on a case-by-case basis. At the beginning of his speech, he stated that “the cabinet I lead remains open for any kind of cooperation, partnership and investment that you can make in our country”, asking Albanian entrepreneurs to be direct in their requests  and to make  them near his cabinet. The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Nikolin Jaka expressed in his speech in the first place the congratulations of the business community for reaching an agreement between Greece and Macedonia, considering it a positive step, which guarantees peace and prosperity in the  Balkan region  . “Secondly, I extend my heartfelt congratulations on the ratification of the protocol for the membership of the Republic of Northern Macedonia in NATO, which makes our region even more secure,” Jaka continued in his speech. According to President Jaka, Albania and Macedonia have already entered a constructive phase and both countries have rationally understood that strengthening economic and trade cooperation is the fairest and mutually beneficial path. “Especially in the last three years, the Albania-Macedonia relations have had a positive impact on the improvement of economic cooperation, creating at the same time a very positive climate in the Western Balkans region, also in the perspective of EU integration”, he stated, assessing also that the exchange rate of trade levels still remains low. For this he demanded the facilitation of customs procedures in the export of early agricultural production, a problem raised many times by our business. “Problems of this nature need to be discussed at the technical level, in order to reach a solution as soon as possible,” he stated. According to him, tourism is a sector with potential and that should be promoted for another stage. “Promotion of regional tourism, encouragement of mutual investments; also, the agro-industry sector, the energy sector and the development of road infrastructure, make  the work of the two governments necessary  regarding Corridor VIII and the railway connection between our two countries, etc.,” he stated. Part of the meeting was also the Ambassador of the Republic of Northern Macedonia, Mr. Fatos Reka, who in his speech expressed openness for the establishment of further bridges of communication between the entrepreneurs of the countries.

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