Interreg - IPA CBC Italy - Albania - Montenegro


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, together with the Ministry of Finance and Economy, organize on 22nd of June 2018 in Tirana the roundtable ‘The strengthening of the business registers’

This meeting is organized in the framework of Interreg IPA CBC Italy – Albania – Montenegro 2014/2020.

This project is co-financed by the European Union, according to the Instrument for Preaccession Assistance (IPA II)

Why is needed this register?

The project addresses the main challenges of coordination between European Business Registers as a key factor for a common continental business environment that brings administrative harmonization, legal safety, transparency and business competitiveness. Thus, business registers from 26 EU countries, created the European Business Register, a network of exchange of experiences and harmonization of European business registers. In addition, the first directive of European Council (March 9, 1968) mandates new member states for the central business register, with several common criteria. Today, countries in the pre-accession process in the EU (such as Albania and Montenegro) have not yet resolved this issue and are having a legislative debate on it; if nothing happens, after their formal admission they will have to realize the great effort for immediate interconnection with all EU standards. These lessons will come to help to new EU countries as they begin work on achieving electronic business registers in line with the EU [World Bank Directorate, “Enforcing Electronic Business Registry Service (e-BR)”, 2007].

What is meant for Albanian entrepreneurship?

1) Strengthening the conditions and framework for increasing the competitiveness of businesses;

2) Establishment of networks, organizations for business support, and promotion of cooperation in public institutions;

3) Development of capacities and training schemes for the internationalization of SMEs.

The expected results are interventions to improve the cross-border framework and elements that help the competitiveness of businesses. Joint business registers will help the cross-border framework and factors that help the business competitiveness. With this platform, businesses in Italy, Albania and Montenegro will increase their internationalization with the ability to access new markets, open new communication channels and receive specific training. The measures will be reflected in a large number of enterprises that will receive non-financial support and the number of business support organizations. Moreover, improving the 3 business registers will strengthen the business environment with quick access to information, with transparency and accuracy in data, reducing costs by strengthening business efficiency as a good tool for market surveillance, business monitoring and competitiveness.

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