INNOTOURCLUST Project Presentation


INNOTOURCLUST Project Presentation

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana organized on February 6, 2019 the official launch of ‘Innotourclust’ Innovative Cross Border Tourism SMEs Cluster project, which is co-financed from EU (IPA) funds. The conference was held in the presence of representatives of Albanian National Tourism Agency as well as representatives of tourism sector. The aim of the activity was to present the project, its strategic objectives and results. As part of Interreg cross border program, it foresees the strengthening of enterprises in tourism sector in the trilateral Italy-Albania-Montenegro.

During the presentation of the project, the Director of the Projects Department at Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, Viola Xhindi said that the project aims to improve the competitiveness and cooperation of SMEs between the three countries. This will be possible through the creation and implementation of an Innovative Cross Border Tourism Cluster focused on the integration and training of local economic operators for a better and innovative match of local enterprises with international tourism industry

Meggi Zhugli, Project Manager of Innotourclust, among other things said that she trusted that this project will be successful because CCIT is totally engaged that this project goes in the right direction. According to her will be created a digital booklet, where will be involved information about the SMEs part of the program, looking this way in an innovative way the tourism industry.

In her welcome speech, ms.Kornelia Ferizaj, General Director of the Albanian National Agency of Tourism valued this project as a good opportunity for the entrepreneurship that operates in tourism sector.

During the official launch of Innovative Cross Border Tourism SMEs Cluster, experts of the project presented two studies. One was an analysis of Albania for touristic agro-food enterprises. As well as one study for increasing the quality of services and creating competitive advantages through standards and creation of the cluster in tourism sector.

Why this initiative?

IT-AL-MO area is affected by the direct and indirect consequences of the economic global crisis. SMEs play a crucial role for growth and job creation, but their competitiveness has a limited exploitation of international tourism opportunities. In this context the project aims to promote networking growth and to strengthen specific skills of the SMEs in the eligible area.

The overall project’s objective is the improvement of the competitiveness, cooperation of IT-AL-MO SMEs through the creation and implementation of one innovative cross-border tourism cluster (INNOTOURCLUST). The expected change is an innovative way to look at tourism industry. Tourism business should be more organized and integrated with local SMEs (agriculture, fisheries, sea-based services, handicraft,, eco-sport and social organizations) in order to meet the growing international “tourism experiences” demand and putting the tourists in touch with local enterprises and producers.

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