Dhoma e Tregtisë dhe Industrisë  Tiranë në Panairin e Përgjithshëm në Elbasan; Prezantohet Projekti BIOECO – R.D.I


INFO DAY ON BIOECO-R.D.I PROJECT in the context of the Project ” BIO-ECOnomy Research Driven Innovation.

On Thursday, March 14th, 2018, in Pogradec,  The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, held an Information Event, in which representatives of various companies related to Agrifood sector participated,  on  subject  “Info Day”.

This  event was an activity was organized in the framework of the project “BIO-ECOnomy Research Driven Innovation” with acronym “BIOECO-R.D.I”. The project is financed by the Adrion territorial cooperation programme, and The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana (Albania) is Project Beneficiary.

During the event, whose main goal was to inform the Entrepreneurship in general about bioeconomy, were presented  the  important  actions that will be generated by the project.

Mrs. Viola Xhindi, Head of Project Department, welcomed the attendees of the event and highlighted the commitment of the Chamber, to promote and support the existing Enterprises generating and using biomass, and the new ones as well, through the actions foreseen to be implemented during the Action Plan Package mentioned also the possibility for the companies present in the event.

Subsequently, Ms. Elida Boshnjaku, Project Manager, presented more in details the Project and The Action Plan Package putting emphasis on the important actions that will be brought forth within this project.Particular emphasis was put on the challenges that such topic is facing by the business sector as well as the points they need to pay attention.

All businesses present were positive to the project idea and expressed their interest to be part of it.

For any information about the project and its actions foreseen, please contact the Project Manager Ms. Elida Boshnjaku: Tel: +355 (0) 45 800 936; e-mail:

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