Project Acronym


Project Number


Programme Priority

1) Innovative and smart region

Specific objective

Support the development of a regional innovation system for the Adriatic-Ionian area

Start – End Date

2022-01-01 – 2022-06-30

Total budget

EUR 158,060.00

Project Summary

The Naval Industry, Shipbuilding and the related supply chain in Adriatic-Ionian region are facing great challenges, looking toward the significant transformation of manufacturing industry, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, that involves the entire value chain process with effects on production, intercompany relations and human capital development and requires a new technology brush-ups.

The FUTURE 4.0 project developed an experimental methodology of knowledge transfer addressed to the companies operating in the sector, with the aim to support their transition toward Industry 4.0 and break barriers to innovation between university, center of research and enterprises.

Tools and models were designed and tested to strengthen competences, raise the awareness on technology needs and trends, and rethink the set of skills and abilities enabling the industrial transformation. Now it is time to effectively share them and contribute in this way to the competitiveness of the shipbuilding and logistics sectors and to their resilience in dealing with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to maximize the visibility of the project achievements, the new FUTURE 4.0 PLUS will implement actions for the valorization of the knowledge capital produced, making it widely available, particularly for companies and training institutions that are approaching the transition to a more green and digital dimension.

Looking towards the Factory of the Future concept, targeted workshops and events will be organized to address the issue of Industry 4.0 transformation from different perspectives, sharing research results, introducing further applications of learning tools, and reinforcing the Network established between academic and enterprises active in the Adriatic – Ionian region.

New communication content such as tutorial videos will be designed to illustrate the main aspects of the FUTURE 4.0 project and the practical and effective application of its knowledge transfer methodology. In addition, the relevant contents relating to the Technological Map developed will be highlighted. The most inspiring contributions and experiences emerged from the implementation of the Pilot Actions will be shared in a dedicated web area, where also the project analysis and researches, duly reviewed, will be at disposal for consultation.




  • Veneto Region – Directorate for Industry, Crafts, Trade and Services and Internationalization of Enterprises (LEADER)
  • Confindustria Veneto SIAV S.p.A. (ITALY)
  • Polytechnic of Bari (ITALY)
  • Chamber of Commerce of Achaia (GREECE)
  • Primorje County – Gorski Kotar (CROATIA)
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana (ALBANIA)

The FUTURE 4.0 project (www.regione.veneto.it/web/attivita-produttive/future_4_0 ), which ended in 2020, addressed the pandemic crisis during its last phase of implementation, which influenced the wide dissemination of its results in territories involved and with interested parties. The FUTURE 4.0 PLUS project, intended as a Follow-Up to the previous one, aims to maximize the effectiveness of the results achieved, making capital more accessible and available to the main target targets (shipbuilding and logistics companies, and training institutes). of knowledge produced by the project itself and linked to the theme of the Industry 4.0 transition. The sharing of tools and models developed to strengthen competence and awareness regarding the company’s technological needs, intends to contribute to the resilience of the shipbuilding industry, its supply chain and logistics, in facing the consequences of the COVID-related pandemic. 19.








To achieve this goal, all the materials produced by the FUTURE 4.0 project will be reorganized, and then made usable and available through a dedicated web space, creatively using images, storytelling, insights and video tutorials created ad hoc. Workshops and seminars will also be organized in each region involved, with the aim of promoting the project experience, deepening the theme of Industry 4.0 and related skills, illustrating tools and methodologies developed by the project, sharing lessons learned and successful industrial cases, as well as introducing further approaches for the Industry of the future.


The project is supported by the Interreg ADRION Program, funded by the European Regional Development Fund and IPA II Funds.

Project coordinator: Aris Tasho

Email: aris_tasho@cci.al


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