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Event announcement

Event announcement



International matching event “Rethinking Tourism B2B”

Registration to the online brokerage event and webinars is now open

since BIOECO-R.D.I project is part of  TC 1: “Blue Growth and its related Smart Growt”, Prof. N. Nikitakos, Coordinator of the TC, invited us to join the “Rethinking Tourism B2B Event“ on 7-8 October 2020, a virtual brokerage event, organised by Croatian Chamber of Economy

During these two days webinars and matching sessions will be organized. This event is not only interested for all those working in tourism but also for all those offering product/services/expertise to tourism industry (IT sector, Creative industry, Promotional agencies, Ship builders, VR/AR companies etc/Universities/Research centres etc.)

Rethinking Tourism B2B event  is a virtual brokerage event organised by Croatian Chamber of Economy. The brokerage event will be held on the 7th and 8th of October and will include webinars and B2B 1:1 sessions.

The brokerage event aims to foster cooperation between SMEs/institutions in the tourism sector as well as those who do business with the tourism sector. Offer your products, services, expertise, investment opportunities and projects opportunities. Organize 1:1 meetings with potential partners easily and quickly through the web platform.

The Rethinkin Tourism B2B event is part of (and funded by) MISTRAL, an Interreg MED programme, aiming to strengthen international cooperation within the Blue Growth ecosystem and to increase the networking capabilities of SMEs, research centres, universities and Clusters.

Registration for the event closes on the 6th of October 2020 at 13:00.

To find out more click here https://rethinking-tourism.b2match.io/

Register here: https://rethinking-tourism.b2match.io/signup

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