ECONAUTINET PROJECT- Network’s support for SMEs


ECONAUTINET PROJECT- Network’s support for SMEs

ECONAUTINET PROJECT- Network’s support for SMEs in the nautical sector of the Adriatic-Ionian Region, is a very novel initiative financed under the framework of the Adrion programme, a European transnational programme that invests in regional innovation systems, cultural and natural heritage, environmental resilience, sustainable transport and mobility as well as capacity building,

During the 30 months of duration of the project (ending by 31-01-2020 ) the partners, CA – Επιμελητήριο Αχαΐας- Lead (HL), CNA RAVENNA- CONFEDERAZIONE NAZIONALE DELL’ARTIGIANATO E DELLA PICCOLA E MEDIA IMPRESA ASSOCIAZIONE TERRITORIALE DI RAVENNA (IT), RRC KOPER- Regionalni Razvojni Center Koper (SLO), UNIZAG FSB- Sveučilište u Zagrebu, Fakultet, strojarstva I Brodogradnje, CCE PULA- Hrvatska gospodarska komora, DURA- Dubrovačka Razvojna Agencija (HR), CCIT- Dhoma e Tregtisë dhe Industrisë Tiranë (AL) will strongly cooperate in order to face the prior challenges of the proposal , that are, respectively:

 – To tackle the lack of innovative collaboration among SMEs across the Adriatic-Ionian area, by using existing successful experiences in the EU area in the field of network model of organization and providing to the actors involved trainings, tutoring and the latest technologies available in the nautical sector;

– To realize concrete possibilities of cooperation in terms of process and products innovation among SMEs in the ADRION zone.

The main key output will be the ECONautiNET Network, a cooperation network among enterprises, business support organizations and research institutes. The Web platform, will have a specific focus on the ECO solutions in the nautical sector, developing a set of instruments and tools to foster innovation and internationalization of SMEs across the Adriatic-Ionian area, facilitating the establishment of an effective and stable collaboration between SMEs and/or Research Institutes thanks to a common Joint Management System platform, in order to improve competitiveness and innovation in the Nautical sector.

In the involved countries (Greece, Italy, Croatia, Albania), the maritime and nautical sector is very important for the local and national Blue economy, but at the same time, it is not able to exploit its real potential of innovation for sustainable and smart growth. This is due to the characteristics of the companies of the sector itself, most of all SMEs that often have not enough organizational and economic capacity for maintaining their competitiveness on global markets. For these enterprises, being competitive and staying alive means to be able to scale up on international markets, creating networks as leverage of growth, exchange of knowledge and creation of new business opportunities out of local ecosystems.

Thanks for the by the project foreseen pilot actions and main results, partners will start to cooperate sharing, knowledge, tools, and trained experts (so called “agents of changes”), trying to boost the competitiveness of the nautical and maritime sector defining common strategies of intervention for a multiplayer effect over all the Adrion Area, and in order to promote the cooperation Platform, attracting companies and stakeholders of other countries within and outside Europe.

All deliverables will be free accessible according to EU Recommendations. For more details and information, see project website and social pages at :

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