Programm: Adriatic-Ionian Programme INTERREG V-B Transnational 2014-2020


Project acronym: ECO-NautiNET

Period: 24 months (01.02.2018 – 31.01.2020)

Project Objective:

Project priority: 1) Innovative and smart region
Programme priority specific objective:
Support the development of a regional innovation system
for the Adriatic-Ionian area

Lead Partner: Chamber of Achaia (EL)


Regional Development Centre Koper (SI)
University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, (HR)
Croatian Chamber of Economy (HR)
C.N.A. National Confederation of Handcrafts and SMEs – Association of Province of Ravenna (IT)
City of Dubrovnik Development Agency (HR)
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana, Centre of Research and Trainings for Business (AL)

Project Description:

The project aims to valorise the important Adriatic-Ionian territorial assets of
Nautical Sector. It will bring together to the innovative ADRION’s Network platform, SMEs from different territories, Research Institutes and Business Support Organizations and will deliver to them the access to Best Available Technologies offered by Research Organizations increasing their competitiveness and supporting internationalization.

This multi sectoral cooperation will guarantee the creation of new clusters between SMEs across the related territories and the possibility to innovate their produc/services also, just thanks to the cooperation with reserach institutes

ECO-NautiNET project will enabled this through three innovative elements:

1. Training phase, which will be offered to SMEs before their involvement and introduction as member of the ECO-NautiNET network, This training phase aims to reach the maximum effect and maximum impact in short time will, by minimizing the time needed for an SME to familiarize with network’s operation and tools

2. ECO-NautiNET new joint management system at regional level, which involve 3 different innovative key figures: “facilitator”, “network’s tutor”, and “Network’s broker”:
• The “facilitator” aims to play the role of “Ambasador” persuading the entrepreneurs and main stackeholders about advantages related to the participation in the network and to be a local point of reference for further developments after the project’s end.
• The “Tutor” of ECO-NautiNET Network will support the implementation of Network of SMEs. This role will be responsible to train SMEs. The tutors will be trained and skilful in 3 main aspects:
o networking structures and formal assets in the involved countries;
o the human resources management for networking and the methodologies and tools to strengthen the motivation toward the networks;
o digital technologies supporting the development of networks.
• The “Network’s broker”, placed in each Business Support Organization participating in the ECO-NautiNET’s network, will be responsible for the continuous cooperation at transnational level, working with the other brokers across the Adriatic-Ionian area to finalize or expand international network.

3. Introduction of open training material, in order to facilitate the involvement of other areas in the ECO-NautiNET network. In order to achieve this, all the training material will be developed in open standards and in electronic format to allow third parties to train themselves and participate in the network.

Project Main Objectives: Improving SME’s competitiveness and innovation in the nautical
sector and supporting their internationalization, through creation of new clusters and collaboration between SMEs across the Adriatic-Ionian area

Project Specific Objectives:
• Creation of an ADRION’s innovative network dedicated to the
• Nautical sector;
• Boost R&D in the blue technology related sector;
• Support for SMEs’ Internationalization and Innovation

Activities: WP 1 Management
WP 2 Involvement of SME’s and Networking training
WP 3 Network’s management definition
WP 4 Launch and testing of network
WP 5 Communication

Project Main Result:
• An effective and stable collaboration between SMEs and/or Research
Institutes thanks to a Joint Management system
• Innovative SMEs Product and services
• Internationalization of SMEs supported, and facilitated
• Network development and growth managed, and enriched thanks to implementing of a signed network agreement

Project Main Outputs:
• ECO-NautiNET Network;
• Assessment Report on SMEs needs;
• Training materials for Facilitators, Tutors, Brokers and SMEs
• List of Agents of Change
• Agreement on ECO-NautiNET model of Network`s joint management system;
• Platform user`s Report
• Joint Management System of the ECO-NautiNET Web platform (Development of the web based platform and specific tools);
• Collection of Best Available Technologies (BAT)
• Innovation to Market-Invitation to relative researchers
• Monthly map of new collaboration;
• Communication materials

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