DynaMob 2.0

DynaMob 2.0

DynaMob 2.0

Name of the project:           Dynamic MOBILITization 2.0

Acronym of the project:     DynaMob 2.0

Duration:                             24 months (03.04.2018– 02.04.2020)

PROGRAMME rationale:   Programme priority: Increasing cross accessibility, promoting sustainable transport service and facilities and improving public infrastructures

Priority specific objective: 4.1 Increase coordination among relevant stakeholders to promote sustainable cross border connections in the Cooperation area.

Specific Objectives:

  • Regional Bio-economy Innovation System
  • Bio-economy actors’ transnational integration
  • Bio-economy support policies

Lead Partner:               Comune di Copertino (IT)


  • .Agenzia Formativa Ulisse (IT)
  • Opština Budva (MN)
  • Comune di Campobasso (IT)
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tirana (AL)
  • Municipality of Skrapar (AL)
  • Municipality of Tirana (Associated Partner – AL)

Project Description:

A summary

The project “Dynamic MOBILITization 2.0” (#DynaMob 2.0) responds to SO 4.1 of PA4 of Interreg IPA CBC Italy – Albania – Montenegro (IT-AL-ME) 2014-2020, aiming to promote and encourage the use of environmentally friendly forms of transport in the cross border area, focusing on electric car sharing and bike sharing as part of a new mobility culture.

With car-sharing, transport can be organised more rationally and more energy-efficient. Aditionally, car/bike-sharing helps to reclaim street space in city centres for social and ecological functions by reducing parking demand – thus making our cities more attractive.

According to the experts: electric vehicles can cover 100 kilometers in the city on just 90 cents vs. most economical gas-powered cars, which would require 3 to 3.50 euros for  the same distance.

The basic output of the project is the purchasing of equipment (electric cars and bikes) and Installation of Car Charging Stations and Bike Sharing Stations covering services like insurance, electricity cost, service, etc combined with a proper Application.

General Objective:

To define and implement a CBC mobility blended system (MBS) model that integrates efficiently, realistic and in a durable way the smart and green transport solutions and changes behaviors and attitudes of the tourists towards transportation and travelling solutions.

Specific Objectives:

  • The cross border blended mobility system aim for a changing behaviours and attitudes of citizens and tourists towards transportation and travelling solutions.
  • To promote the growth of know-how and skills accompanying the spread of innovative technologies for green / alternative mobility services and solutions, to set up structural activities for the study of multi-modal and
  • integrated transport infrastructures.

Main activities:

WP 1   Project management;

WP 2   Mobility #Dynamob Integrated App

WP 3   Action Plan for Smart Integrated Mobility

WP 4   #Dynamob 2.0 Roads

WP 5   #Dynamob 2.0 Investment

WP 6   Communication

Main results:

a) Widening of the regional network on smart – green mobility with the participation of local administrations to the development of the CBC #DynaMob 0 Integrated Action Plan, with a widening of the cross-border Stakeholders network;

b) set up cross-border network between municipalities and public administration for policies peer-review with the participation as observers of other stakeholders and administration representatives from outside the eligible areas;

c) Increasing of citizens awareness about smart and green mobility. At least 600 people for each Municipalities are reached and involved in different activities.

d) improved expertise among public administrator and representatives of society on sustainable green

Main outputs:

  • #DynaMob 2.0 integrated action plan for the improvement of points for electric supply vehicles, ecological distributors and bike sharing.
  • CBC cross-border network between municipalities, public administration and stakeholders for policies peer-review.
  • On site city actions and set up action for smart and green mobility communication and promotion.
  • Mobility smart application for monitoring traffic peaks, mobility impact and for any necessary travel information for the own journey.
  • Workshop and seminars for sustainable green mobility

The project is supported by the interreg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro Programme funded under IPA II fund.


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