Digital Marketing Training

Digital Marketing Training

Lecturer: Mrs. Keti Gjipali

Date: 10-11-12 March

Time: 15:30 – 19:30

Location: Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Tirana



This training will be presented in different parts and all together will cover a wide range of interesting topics, including the transition from traditional to digital marketing, marketing of products and services, using digital technology, bringing the latest practices of the use of channels.

The main objective is to promote brands, build preferences and increase sales through various digital techniques.


Beneficiaries are representatives of companies or their administrators, natural persons who have a significant number of employees or managers of medium-sized businesses or marketing managers.

Digital marketing is the set of digital sales and communication channels that has given the opportunity to increase sales to even smaller companies. If previously significant budgets were required to show a spot on television or to place a billboard, now every company has the opportunity to send its product and message to their target group, regardless of the budgets available.

Digital marketing consists of various communication and promotion platforms. The first is the website, which is often the only channel 100% owned by your company. Its promotion can be done through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and / or SEM (Search Engine Marketing). In addition, we can mention e-mail marketing, a communication channel that enables tracking of prospectuses and personalization of offers for each different target group that you target. Finally, the most popular channels are social networks, which are widely used all over the world. It is important for each company to select social networks that suit their industry and design an effective strategy through Content Marketing.


A 3-day workshop / training of 4 hours a day.

10-11-12 March

Time: 15: 30-19: 30

(Training will be organized according to the required protocol)

During this training, in addition to the main concepts and channels of digital marketing, we will be introduced to various tools that help us manage and monitor the progress of all our online investment.


The fee for participation in the training is 50 Euros, which includes all working materials and certificates at the end of the training

LECTURER: Mrs. Keti Gjipali

Keti Gjipali is the founder of AGOG Marketing, an international marketing company, founded in 2016. She studied Business Administration and graduated with a Gold Medal in the Master of Science in Marketing, at the Faculty of Economics, University of Tirana. In recent years she is giving her contribution as As. Professor in International Business, at the University of Tirana, Faculty of Economics and at the Momentium Academy.

She comes as a Lecturer after a long experience as a Trainer in the field of digital / marketing in State / Private Universities as well as in Private Companies.

After organizing several training editions Facebook & Instagram 101, she has conducted trainings and has collaborated with various educational institutions such as: European University of Tirana, Momentum Academy, Professional College of Tirana, Epoka University, etc. She has collaborated in the field of Training with representatives of BID and TID associations of different cities.


Elements of a marketing strategy through digitalization, restructuring / change according to the needs of the company and leading people to success

Content Marketing

Differences between Traditional and Digital Marketing

Google Ads

Search Engine Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Sales Funnels / e-commerce,

E-Mail Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Advertising with shows

Any other form of Digital Media

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