Development of innovation in the Albanian olive grove

“Zhvillimi i inovacionit në ullishtën shqiptare”

Development of innovation in the Albanian olive grove

On December 23rd  2020 CCIT in the role of PP7 of BIOECO- R.D.I. project prepared an online final national event in which organized in different sections symposium and seminar entitled – Bio now and beyond – “Development of innovation in the Albanian olive grove”. The purpose of the event was to build a bridge between research organizations, government and some stakeholders who can use the results of projects in their work. We want strategies, results and research achievements in the field of biomass to come to life in the community and contribute to the transition from a linear to a more bio and circular economy and to create a more sustainable society in the long run.

The event was in three parts, where in the first part the project coordinator and director of project directory, presented the main goals and results of the projects and highlighted the obstacles or issues they encountered during the implementation process.

After that the online discussion went on where guests from science, universities, society and government tried to respond to the presented challenges.

The discussion showed that a faster introduction of the bio and circular economy in the country requires, above all, a change in the mentality and value and collaboration between different associations and government.

Speakers stressed the industry’s willingness to use new materials, but also noted obstacles such as expensive investments, which all too often make it difficult or even impossible for them to do so.

The expectations are creating a chain processing link to:

  • Extract oil from bersia
  • Create oil refinery (for expired olive oils and olive oil)
  • Depurator for certain areas and not just business personal.

The policy also has an important role to play in the transfer from the research environment to industry. With its instruments, it must ensure the establishment of a healthy and stimulating business environment and prepare various initiatives that would facilitate this transition for companies.

Technological developments in the bio and circular economy are now driven by science. The future will be based on innovation based on scientific knowledge. However, all this will have a positive effect and impact on the transition to a more sustainable society only if we know how to find a common language and cooperation between all the creators of society – science, economy and the policy. Without sustainably beneficial innovations and consequently changing society, there will be no transition to a more sustainable society.

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