DERHE Project Kick-off Meeting

DERHE Project Kick-off Meeting

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ program, the partners of the “DERHE” project held a Kick-off Meeting on 14.02.2024, at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

In this meeting, each participant shared their presentation, including the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry where Mrs. Albana Laknori, the General Secretary, presented the role and services of the Chamber as an institution where business meets vision and innovation.

During the presentation, the role of the Chamber of Commerce was emphasized as the core of business development and the place where powerful partnerships are born and opportunities turn into successful projects, aiming to create an atmosphere where innovation is encouraged and business development is valued.

The meeting was followed by the introduction of the work package for each of the partners.

At the end of the meeting, the partners had the opportunity to explore and get to know the Faculty’s premises better. During this tour, they familiarized themselves with the classrooms, technology laboratories, especially robotics.


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