CCIT AWARDS 2024/ CCIT recognizes the top enterprises in the market

CCIT AWARDS 2024/ CCIT recognizes the top enterprises in the market

On the occasion of its 127th anniversary, the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a gala evening, bringing together prominent figures from the realms of business, politics, education, and culture to honor and celebrate the top-performing companies operating in the Albanian market.

Thirty-five selected businesses, not only from Tirana but from across Albania, graced the stage of the National Theatre of Opera and Ballet to receive awards recognizing their achievements, dedication, commitment to innovation, and outstanding performance over the past year. Their pivotal role in driving economic growth renders them deserving of recognition for their contribution and value to the market.

The official award ceremony commenced with a welcoming speech by Mr. Nikolin Jaka, Chairman of CCIT, who expressed gratitude to all guests, entrepreneurs, and collaborators of the institution. He also highlighted various activities undertaken by CCIT throughout 2023, ranging from organizing business forums to signing cooperation agreements and participating in missions and fairs.

Mr. Jaka underscored the importance of incentive policies for fostering human capital development, competitiveness, and innovation.

“Throughout the challenges of 2023, both enterprises and business representatives have consistently advocated for the rule of law, equality, and competitiveness. They seek support and the implementation of legal frameworks and best practices in the region to enable the successful realization of initiatives. Paramount for private enterprises is the recognition of the value and importance of human capital. It is crucial to have a professional workforce that is not only skilled but also respected and valued for their integrity, particularly in financial terms. To address this, the Chamber of Commerce has launched a special initiative for 2024. Through a comprehensive survey of its membership, it aims to ensure that within three years, enterprises offer salaries averaging no less than 70 percent of the EU average for experts and professionals directly contributing to private enterprise. Thus, it is incumbent upon private enterprises to devise effective strategies and solutions to prioritize and adequately value human capital, recognizing its pivotal role in the success of their companies.”

Addressing Albania’s declining population statistics, President Jaka called upon entrepreneurs and both central and local institutions to take action to reverse this trend.

“Considering the statistics reflecting the declining and aging Albanian population, I urge entrepreneurship and all entrepreneurs with economic opportunities to contribute to population growth by fostering the creation and expansion of families. This call extends to central and local institutions, urging them to develop a clear strategy to address this pressing issue. Enterprises must recognize that as the population dwindles, so does consumer demand and commercial activity, ultimately impacting both enterprise and state budgets negatively. As a specific measure, enterprises should consider evaluating salaries based on the number of children employees have. Offering a higher percentage increase for employees with more children could be one approach among many to incentivize family growth. It is imperative for us all to take responsibility and act with awareness, as addressing this issue is a collective obligation”, concluded Mr. Jaka.

Distinguished guests at the event included Mrs. Lindita Nikolla, Speaker of the Assembly; Mr. Talat Xhaferi, Speaker of the Assembly of North Macedonia; Mr. Blendi Gonxhe, Minister of Economy, Innovation, and Culture; Mr. Ulsi Manja, Minister of Justice; Mr. Andi Seferi, Deputy Mayor of Tirana Municipality; and representatives from various Albanian associations, among others.

The evening also featured accolades for individuals such as Mr. Talat Xhaferi, recognized for his role as the first Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia; Mrs. Majlinda Dhuka, acknowledged for her contribution to aligning Albania’s legal framework with EU legislation; and Mr. Blendi Gonxhe, honored as “Man of the Year” for his accomplishments in the Directorate of Road Transport Services.

The gala was further enriched by performances from renowned artists including Manjola Nallbani, Kastriot Tusha, and Anxela Peristeri, as well as the Ballet School group.

The Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry reaffirmed its commitment to being the most proactive business organization, dedicated to its mission and proud of its 127-year legacy.

The following companies were awarded by Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the CCIT AWARDS gala evening:

Credins Bank Smart Life Group Teleperformance Intermedica Western Balkans University Sews Cabind Matrix Construction Mektrin Motors Sigal Uniqa Paysera Albania Selecta Digital Albania Everest Shpk GSA Group Green Panel Green Line Water Boutique Biote Albania Matil Pro Smart Home Albania Nino Caffe Vitros Lab Klinika Keit Klinika Advanced Alpha Dental Aesthetics My Food Albania Novaric Blu Taxi Masters Company Eurogroup SH.P.K Alo Pronto Fluidi Group L.L.C Alla Company Stone Castle Wine Konti Hidroplast X-One.


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