BIOECO R.D.I – Press release


BIOECO R.D.I – Press release

BIOECO R.D.I project launched, focused on the need for sustainable production of renewable resources

BIOECO R.D.I project launch event took place during 18-20 September 2018, at Tirana International Hotel in the framework of the Innovation Festival hosted under CCIT. The launch place of the project was the dedicated stand space for the projects of CCIT at Tirana International Hotel.

The event was kindly hosted at the projects stand by Ms. Elida Boshnjaku, project coordinator of BIOECO R.D.I. An insightful ppt presentation of the project accompanied the launch event, promotional materials were used and face to face meetings were held. To visit the stand were participants of the Innovation Festival being representatives from the government bodies, various companies operating in Albania, Universities, NGOs, media etc.

The launch event represented a good opportunity to present and make awareness about the project, identify among visitors the stakeholders who commit to sustainability and contribute with their daily activity for the bioeconomy promotion and development and resource efficiency as well.

What does the project aim?

BIOECO R.D.I project is supported by the Interreg ADRION Programme funded under the European Regional Development Fund and IPA II fund.

The abbreviation stands for “BIO-ECOnomy Research Driven Innovation”, a 2 year project aiming at developing a Regional Innovation System for the Adriatic-Ionian area based on a structured bioeconomy sector through the development of Research Driven Innovation (R.D.I.) strategy at regional in 6 countries and transnational level.

Such strategies will present the state of art of bioeconomy and needed intervention actions to be undertaken in relevance to the potential resources and needs identified for priority sectors. The three sectors of priority identified for the regional strategy in Albania are those of poultry farming, wood processing and olive oil production.

So, the project will encompass bioeconomy development through aforementioned sectors, the sustainable production of renewable resources and their conversion into food, feed, combustible products, bioenergy and other products through efficient, innovative technologies by boosting competitiveness and long-term economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Regarding the bioeconomy development, Albania is just at the initial phase although it has a great potential of biomass. Many challenges remain to be tackled such as: the understanding of what the bioeconomy represents, the hurdles associated to the new technologies, research and market and the political framework.

Results of launch event

More than 40 persons visiting the projects stand showed interest on BIOECO R.D.I project. They were representatives of the wood-processing sector, olive oil sector, energy sector, NGOs, government authorities, scientific-research bodies, potential investors etc. During this three-day event experiences and ideas were exchanged and possible ways of collaboration were identified. Main issues presented by the interested visitors were the need for improvement concerning the industrial base, know-how, investments and political framework.

In accordance to what has been identified until now by the project, also during the launch event came into evidence that there is a strong need for financial schemes and partnerships are needed to boost research and cross-sector innovation for the development of smarter and more sustainable bio-based products. Such interventions can accelerate the move towards a circular bioeconomy which is very important for the valorization of biomass and a more sustainable bioeconomy future.

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