Change Management for Change Agents

Change Management for Change Agents

Change Management for Change Agents

24-25 September 2019

David Turner, Lincoln Center



Business success requires that all employees adapt to frequent changes, new competitors, new technologies, government regulations, new employees, and more. This program is designed for the employees who regularly implement change initiatives who are called “Change Agents.” The model we use helps equip change agents to address six risk factors to successfully implement change initiatives:

  • clear intent
  • strong sponsorship
  • individual resilience
  • synergistic teams
  • commitment to the change intent
  • a supportive organizational culture

With this knowledge, change agents will be able lead the individuals who must change their ideas and behaviors for the change initiative to be implemented successfully. These change agents will also be equipped to guide those that have initiated the change initiatives.

Objectives: When confronting the disruption and stress of frequent changes participants will be able to use change knowledge and adaptability skills to:

• Address risk factors in order to successfully implement change initiatives

• Work more effectively with others who are resisting organizational change

• Reduce the non-productive behaviors that often accompany change related stress

Target audience: Directors, managers and anyone responsible for executing change within their organization.

Tentative Course Topics:

Chapter 1: The Process of change

Change is a transition from the present state to a future state. This transition creates uncertainty, anxiety and resistance.

Chapter 2: The Nature of Change

In the face of frequent changes, individuals are required to adjust to new expectations – often needing to change their behavior, take on new attitudes and learn new skills. Often the demand exceeds capacity which leads to stress and dysfunctional behaviors.

Chapter 3: The Role of Change Agents

The critical role that change agents play. Change sponsors are those the empower the change initiative. Change agents are those responsible for implementing the change on a daily basis.

Chapter 4: Addressing the Six Risk Factors to Effective Change

1.            Clear intent

2.            Strong sponsorship

3.            Individual resilience

4.            Synergistic teams

5.            Commitment to the change intent

6.            A supportive organizational culture

Chapter 5: Action Plan

Course Time & Location:

• Two 4-hour modules


• English

Trainer: David Turner

David Turner works as senior business consultant at the Lincoln Center. For more than thirty years, David has provided training in areas such as emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and communication to thousands of global business professionals in the US, Europe and Asia. David has held positions as an international trainer working for global companies including the Boston Consulting Group, Thomson-Reuters, IBM, the Forum Corporation and Thermo Fisher Scientific. His professional experience includes training in industries, such as manufacturing, financial services, business consulting, software development and distribution.


The fee for participation in the training is 9000 ALL. Special promotional pricing,  which includes all work materials and certificates at the end of the training. For DHTIT membership this training costs 20% less than the standard value. To register, please fill out the application form via the link =>

The deadline for payment is 19 September, 2019.

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